Germinating a website

​I'm very excited in this second blog post to share with you some some feature ugrades to this website thanks to the folks at Art Storefronts who now provide their artists with three new capabilities, that I'm now able to incorporate into my fledgling website.

First  feature and rather exciting goes by a techie name of Augmented Reality.  Long story short, if a piece of my art catches your eye and you are browsing with a phone or tablet, you can virtually hang it on the wall of your home or office and view at the size and with framing and matting in the manner you've selected.

 Or, in case you're not browsing at your intended location, the AR feature allows you to view the piece in a simulated environment (bedroom, living room, dining area etc) complete with wall color of your choice.  In both cases, you can resize on the fly to see the appearance in comparison to other items on your wall or next to recognized objects like couches chairs etc. 

Second is the feature I'm calling  Off the wall merchandise.  Instead of a frame or matted art piece, you can order the image of your favorite piece printed on a variety of shirts, hoodies, tote bags, mugs or pillows.  The Art Storefront folks have teamed up with a reliable company to let you select the art piece, virtually view it on the cup, bag or shirt of your choice.   You can adjust the size and angles (upside down?) virtually on the product you'd like before ordering it to be sent to you.  Certainly a way to enjoy the image in your own way, or share your appreciation with others as gifts.  Here's a picture of a tote bag I ordered to try it out.

A Third feature is accommodating links to social media platforms.  For me, that means live streaming short videos introducing the new pieces I'm adding, examples of the multiple formats available and the ability to show and list one of a kind original pieces.  I've managed to post two live streams on my Facebook Art ByGeorge! - according to my business page there I'm @ArtbyCharlieGeorge.  If you check-in to follow you should recieve announcements of new streams

Thanks for dropping in, My goal for the blog is weekly.  My goal for the Newsletter is Monthly