DETAILS for The 2021 Out to Pasture (Old Truck pen & ink wash) Gift Package Give Away Drawing

IF you've enjoyed one of my Out To Pasture Truck painting, here's your chance to win a whole set for free.  This November my Granddaughter will pick out the winner's name and email address from our website mailing list.  Here's what they will win:

1. A copy of the original painting completed over 50 years ago in pen & ink watercolor by my much younger self. 

2. A 4 piece set of coasters featuring the truck in with a digitally altered color.

3. An Art ByGeorge Mug to cover up the truck on one of your coasters

4. A signed document with the entire serendipitous story of how the Out to Pasture series of paintings came to be (briefly summarized here)

A college student (me) travelled across the Olympic peninsula after getting off work at midnight for 3-4 hours by motorcycle after work to for free on an uncle's Salmon Charter boat. After a rough voyage and small catch, began riding home.  About half way back in a heavily forested rural area, the cycles engine blew up. Fortunately a farmhouse was a short walk to ask for use of a phone to get help.  While waiting 3-4 hours for dad to rent a trailer and come to the rescue, spotted an old truck. A borrowed pencil and 3 sheets of college ruled paper resulted in 3 sketches one of which was used to create the original Out to Pasture pen & ink sketch with watercolor highlights.  Add thirty years of storage and ability to import into iPad painting software and you have the digital version you see here on the website.