A few minutes to launch yet a lifetime of preparation.

Just today (Thanksgiving 2020) I'm thankful to be throwing the switch, so to speak, & taking this website online to realize a longtime goal.  Of course I've not spent the last 50+ years preparing a website as my title suggests (I don't recall any internet 50-60 years ago), but since my early teen years I've wondered how to share and gain support for my artwork.  In fact, in college as a science major (Environmental Health) it seemed too risky to stake my life earnings on my artwork.  So I entered a professional field instead.  However, in the last 5 years as a new retiree I began entertaining the idea of bringing my art materials out of old boxes and sharing both old and new things in neighborhood street fairs and events.  Some of the old pieces and projects are long gone, boxes and papers no doubt lost in dozens of moves or unsuitable storage damp locations, those that remain jog my memories and no doubt influence new creations.

Once again thanks for visiting this new website,  I hope you'll sign up for the newsletter, follow new and old additions as I get them posted and send your comments and suggestions

Charlie George
November 2020